Early Planning Guides for Loan Modification and Bankruptcy

November 15, 2009

What you should know during loan modification and before you file for bankruptcy – follow these steps:

(1)  Collect your financial information.  What is your income and expense?  What are your assets and liabilities?

(2)  Consider the alternatives.  Get a free attorney consultation (widely available).  If you’re a homeowner, determine whether loan modification is feasible, or whether other measures are necessary.

(3)  If bankrtupcy is the only choice, familiarize yourself with the various types.  Chapter 7 to eliminate debts, Chapter 13 to pay all or part of your debts over time (often used to enable you to keep your home) and when Chapter 11 is required.

(4)  Develop a plan with an event timeline.


Avoid Bankruptcy – Prepare Ahead of Time

November 15, 2009

Are you struggling through financial problems and no comprehensive plan of action to deal with them?  With the recession dragging on and unemployment persistently growing, large numbers of people are reacting to financial predicaments as they arise, with short term solutions.  Loan modification proceedings can become a major diversion that ultimately fails to fully resolve a steadily deteriorating situation.  The most effective moves to avoid bankruptcy must often be made six months to a year before reaching a crisis, and/or during the loan modification period.  You are welcome to post a comment or go to the Interactive Law Center and receive an early consultation.  Also see our Pages entitled “Bankruptcy Checklist” and “Special Capabilities Required of Attorneys for Bankrtupcy Work”.

Suffering Job Stress in California?

November 2, 2009

The work place is an environment where major potential exists for stress to develop.  Fortunately,  in California the employee does have a right to file a workers’ compensation claim for psychiatric injury, subject to special limitations described in the article on this blog entitled “California Job Stress”

If you feel like you’re getting squeezed out of your job, feel free to comment, or contact us via our web site –  the Interactive Law Center.  The section dedicated to the California workers’ compensation is found under “Legal Services”.

What Protection Should the Law Provide for Elders?

September 16, 2009

There has evolved a special practice area called “elder law” but the field is typically cases of old people who are ripped off, abused or neglected by their family members or hired caregivers. This discussoin involves a consumer who is now 95 years of age and remarkably still has all his faculties. He hired Home Depot’s THD At Home Services to take care of all aspects of contracting for repairs to the roof of his home. Home Depot completely shirked its responsibilities and exposed the plaintiff to direct dealing with the contractors it hired. He was presented with invoices for extra work in violation of the agreement with THD. He became extremely upset about this treatment and the company’s utter disregard for him and the promises it had made to protect him in these regards. Despite numerous written demands the corporate defendant remained indifferent to his claim. Their attitude hasn’t changed since a lawsuit was filed. Evidently they think there must be substantial economic loss on the transaction or there is no risk of other damages being awarded. For discussion: should the law specially protect elders in our society when subjected to unfair or deceptive business practices, and what harm is necessary to entitle a claimant to compensation?
Please see the article: Consumer Protection for Elders, California Case Brief

Is Loan Modification Working for You?

August 20, 2009
Loan Modification is a complex procedure yet consumers like you are expected to go through the process without representation. We recommended getting legal advice at the earliest possible stage. Please share your experience with loan mod. Is it dragged out? Has the lender taken your information and/or money without fully resolving your case?